• GE Classic Metal Sonic Plush
    GE Classic Metal Sonic Plush
    GE strikes again!This time with a villian! It's classic Metal Sonic plush. And, wow, they are really giving Tomy what-for on quality. This actually looks like the classic Metal Sonic, save for 1 forgotten detail. (The white stripe around the bottom edge of each shoe is missing) Robots rarely translate…
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This is another Hot Topic exclusive tee. This means that you can find it in real adult sizes, and even XL ones if the 'teen' shirts weren't fitting you. It combines a bit of classic with a bit of modern, and fortunately, does not use the 'fake wear' to the design. A classic Sonic face done in only blue and black (for a partial 'reverse' look) floats over a checkered border. The bottom, in red, says "Sonic" on the first line then "Sonic the Hedgehog" in Japanese on the second. It's a bit repetitive, but the text is supposed to add a mistique to the shirt. The over all look is something new and interesting though, so it's a good shirt to collect. It should be available online and in stores, for about $18.00. 


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