• SegaWorld London mug
    SegaWorld London mug
    The mug above may be classic styled, but this one is an actual classic. It could only be bought at Segaworld London. It has Sonic running past the logo with a striped sort of 'speed trail' that goes through the donut-shaped puffs of dust that they commonly use. The bottom…
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Normally this would go on statues...
But, since it's supposed to be movie Sonic, it goes here. This is a display large size statue made by Diamond Select Collectibles. It was created for their use in displays at places like Toy Fair and other trade shows to attract attention. It has Sonic on top of an Eggman machine, with '3d electricity blue magic' crackling around his feet as he lands in a 3 point stance.
But look how non-movie it looks! It's almost just regular modern Sonic but with boring ugly shoes and blue arms. The 'movie look' is gone from this item almost totally as well. He doesn't even have movie ears or movie body shape or leg shape...or...it looks like he may even have 1 eye again? The other thing is that it has that hairy texture. IDW works on figures and toys so they DO know what they are doing, anything with this statue wasn't an accident of poor design or someone fumbling the ball.

Is the photo blurry? Yes it is. Why Diamond Select took a blurry photo of their own thing and then posted only that is...unknown. Still, this is neat to see, as are all big size displays with Sonic. 

This is still a prototype, and later in 2020 it got cancelled. In 2021 it started appearing on some websites again, will it still get a release? 

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