• 12 days of Sonic day 6
    12 days of Sonic day 6
    Because they had to use up so much more money re-doing the bad art in the movie, naturally they want to hype it up with a campaign, hoping to get people to see it in theaters to make the money they have lost back.On Twitter, it launched a 12 Days…
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Peru movie Sonic Cup

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Movie merch from....Peru?
Yes! Is it technically the first Peru Sonic item? Maybe. But, it's unexpected to be sure...was he ever really popular there? (Like in Brazil he super is because of the unending affinity for the Genesis) Either way, to celebrate the movie they released this set of 3 drink cups. Each cup has a different CG art of movie-Sonic, and the same decorative cap. The cap has a green grass texture with a gold rin. In the middle of the ring is the movie figure

where he's shown running. The ad says "Discover this adventure with this electrifying cup" The round sticker is a 'limited time' thing there on the ad. These were only available at the cinema/movies when you were buying drinks at the concession stand. These are interesting to see, for sure! 

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