• Great Eastern Chibi Dolls Blanket
    Great Eastern Chibi Dolls Blanket
    Here is a funny throw from Great Eastern.It is medium blue, but the pattern is a cute assortment of "Chibi Dolls" of the Sonic characters. The little dolls are scattered all over the blanket, and each one has 2 expressions. You can see Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy and Eggman…
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NKOK didn't stop with remote control RC racers, they also have these All Stars Racing Light & Sound Racers. Here's Knuckles in the Land Breaker, which has working headlights, makes noise, and moves. It's not radio control, so it likely just goes forward. The modeling for the Landbreaker looks a bit off/simplified somehow here. How big are these?


The Sonic in Speed Star racer is similar to the Knuckles one. His car is slightly simplified and the box lists (vaguely) the features. The whole front is open too, so you can touch it & try it before you buy it. 

NKOK Sonic Light Sound Car Photo by JoeMD



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