• Subtly Sonic graffity shirt
    Subtly Sonic graffity shirt
    This dark gray tee falls into the category of "Subtly Sonic"The whole thing is plain dark gray, except for the left front of the chest area that has this peace sign glove on it. Inside the glove where it would be white, is the tiny, busy art of characters/slogans/stickers and…
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6 notepads from japan

Photo credit: Hikari/SITE

Tags: Notepad Japan

Here are what's probably 6 note pads.
Or booklets of some kind. Two are shaped/die-cut. The top seems to have a rounded area with a color Sonic in it, and the bottom is shaped like the outline of the ring/ribbon Sonic appears in. The top two have a line art portrait for Sonic on one, and Tails on the other. The Segasonic one IS a notebook for sure, which appears elsewhere on School Gear with it's details. But what's the middle one too? It has lots of detail, but the photo is pretty small to tell what's going on with it. You can write in for credit if you can clear up what these are. 

Additional Info

  • Region: Asia


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