• Sonic Minty Gel Fluoride Toothpaste
    Sonic Minty Gel Fluoride Toothpaste
    Well, toothpaste isn't really a food. And you shouldn't eat it, being as Fluoride is actually poisonous. (it's a by-product of Aluminum-Refining, and was classified as 'harmful waste' before someone probably got paid to put it in your water) (side note: this was on a food page on Sonic Gear,…
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Here is a spiral notebook themed for the movie.
This is, of course, a Sega Shop item. They are endlessly re-branding the hard-card wire spiral notebook with different themes for its front cover. In this case, it's all black with the movie logo at the top. The design is slightly awkward-jumping CG movie Sonic in front of a gold ring, shaded trapezoids, and a orange/blue fade background in the ring.
The CG art of him is heavily shadowed and darkened (as is the usual) as if he is leaping forth from a dim environment.
*Why they keep doing this is unknown, maybe to hide the design and that he has generic shoes (that aren't as stylish as real Sonic's shoes) but they are constantly burying this thing in shadows as if they didn't want anyone to see all of it/or note their (poorly) design.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2020
  • Region: America


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