When this photo appeared, it was just called 'party Sonic items', but that's not what any of it is. Perhaps it was a 'goodie bag' for attending a party but...the rare pen you see here doesn't fit in with that theory. Here you can see a Mario Sonic Olympic Games flat keychain (it's plastic), and an uncommon Japanese character pen with a Tails picture on it & the Segasonic labeling (the round top/blue set). There are also pin buttons: sepcifically the 15th anniversary 3 pin set on the special card (1 logo, & 2 CG Sonics with logos) then there are 2 other pins, one classic the other modern/SA1 art. The last item is a 'flipper game' where you use the springy lever to try to catch a little metal bead in one of the numbered areas on the front. It's Sonic X themed, and from Jetix, which is who released the show in the UK area. There's a different art flipper game on another page here at UK Random Merch.

The flipper games may have been magazine give-aways or otherwise been a 'prize type' item, because they are so simple and also an ad for the show. So whatever this collection was created for, you can guess about the age. It is an interesting group.

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  • Region: EU


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