• Sonic Heroes Complete Trinity
    Sonic Heroes Complete Trinity
    Sonic Heroes Complete Trinity really lives up to it's name, it has probably every bit of music from the game, including the invincibility jingle and event sounds. They even threw in some tracks including an extended one and even a remix.The CD cover is fun, with the whole cast piling…
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If you are the one having the birthday, it would be great to recieve a Sonic the Hedgehog birthday card. This is a large card, about 8 inches high. The background is an odd hot-pink, and although you can't tell in the photo, the cloud has iridescent glitter all over it. Naturally, the inside has one of those wacky rhymes common to B-Day Cards.

This was given to me by FoxMel, who had a message beneath and has added the word 'belated'.

Additional Info

  • Region: America


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