• Sonic special stage coffee mug
    Sonic special stage coffee mug
    An old coffee mug with Sonic in the "Special Stage". This is for that 'special stage' of the morning when you need lots of coffee?The mug's simple design makes a colorful geometric pattern from elements in the game. You can see part of a logo on one side. This was…
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Sonic Bounce Ball

Photo credit: Techno1252

Tags: Ball United States Party 2011

This is a Sonic Bounce Ball. (Similar to hi-bounce or 'superball') The ball itself is clear solid rubber. In the center is a flat sheet with the Sonic image on one side, and the modern logo/copyright on the other. Each ball is about 1.5 inches in diameter, and you get 4 of them in a pack for 3.99. They are meant to be a party Favor. BirthdayExpress.com in 2011

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  • Region: America


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