• Sonic unleashed promo car
    Sonic unleashed promo car
    This boxy widgety little car is obviously European (see lic. plate) but where exactly did it drive around promoting Unleashed? The car is likely one of the small electric ones but it has had a 'skin' applied all over that promotes Sonic Unleashed. It's see-thru on the back window but…
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Sonic party table cloths

Photo credit: SonicBoy19

Tags: United States Party

Not 1 but TWO different Sonic themed party table cloths. These aren't actually cloth, but spill-proof plastic vinyl. Both are quite nicely designed, but in different ways. The left has a variety of characters sprinkled over it with swirls, stars & logos for a colorful & fun effect. The right has just Sonic in a nice modern pose on a somewhat textured orange background. (so he's quite large) Which one will you choose? But really...you shouldn't have to pick just 1, with the price at only 3.79! Left item is Party City. 

Additional Info

  • Region: America


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