• Sonic mutant metal figure
    Sonic mutant metal figure
    Oh no, what is this? Mutant Alert! We have a mutant item! This is a metal figure of some kind. It is solid and rather heavy. It is also rather badly done. What is this thing for? There is NO EXCUSE for the sideways bonkey eyes on this. Note the shrivelled…
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Party City Sonic balloons

Photo credit: SonicBoy19

Tags: United States Balloon

Forget those fake balloons you see on ebay, and grab the real thing at Party City! These are yellow latex balloons with blue Sonic line art & logo on each one. Notice the copyright near his shoe and don't be fooled by fakes. By pairing up reuglar balloons (here) and mylar (from page 2) you can have a really colorful look at the Sonic themed party. 

Additional Info

  • Region: America
  • Brand: Party City


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