• Sonic Fidget Spinning Watch
    Sonic Fidget Spinning Watch
    A Fidget Spinning Watch!Well....that's something. Now that the fidget fad is not running high any longer at the end of 2019, here comes a fidget spinner watch. Well, spinners are good (I guess?) and watches are good, so why not combine them into 1 wacky item? For this kids-style watch,…
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Party paper plates!
Here are their 2 sizes, lunch & dinner. It's nice that each plate has a different design, instead of th same thing twice, but at different sizes. The smaller lunch/snack square plate has Shadow, thumbs up Sonic & tilted Tails. The background here is checkers, with a scattering of CG rings.

The larger dinner/meal plate has leaping Sonic, punching Knuckles & flying Tails. This one's background swirls in some dynamic looking CG rings, but has checkers as well as stars. Both plates' designs are bright, cool & full of action and movement. Whoever is designing in 2017 is selecting some good stuff.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2017
  • Region: America


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