• "It's boom time!!!" T-Shirt
    "It's boom time!!!" T-Shirt
    A slogan tee with "It's Boom Time!!!" written in big green font was released in fall of 2015. It's either black or quite a dark navy blue short sleeve tee. This is a kids/teens size item. The square contains a CG background from the show and you can see hand…
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Keep the party table clean & free of mess with a cool Sonic theme plastic table cover. The cover has CG character art overlapped/repeating all along the edges that hang over the sides. The center white part has small character face icons & shapes. (This is the largest available photo of the item) The character edge features Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & Shadow, but look who's also there: Eggman! The little icons seem to include blue/sihloutte faces for Sonic & Tails but it looks like the Eggman-land symbol is also there, along with some rings and stars. This is 54 by 96 inches.

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  • Region: America


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