• 8 modern Sonic tees
    8 modern Sonic tees
      Here are 2 Burlington Coat Factory (Or just "Burlington") Sonic tees with a 'multi character' theme. They are in adults sizes, so should fit anyone and appear in later 2018 for 6.99 or 7.99 each. Great price! Priced right, fits anyone AND has lots of people's favorite characters?You can't…
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A party-favor item of some kind is generally included among a release, and 2017 is no exception with this sheet of temporary tattoos.
There are 8 designs per sheet. You get Tails' face with his name, running Sonic, Sonic in a 'flame' ring, a slogan "Come on step it up!", Sonic & Amy in a star, Sonic portrait, just him jumping & STK-trio.
Why Amy appears in the tattoos but nowhere else is as much a mystery as to why they skipped Shadow & used him on a bunch of the other decorations.

This decor set somehow also included a plastic re-use-able Sonic drink cup, but it's not really a party-good nor particularly a common favor, so it got onto USA Homegoods. It shares the slogan with one of the tattoos here.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2017
  • Region: America


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