• Old navy & Kohls exclusive Sonic shirts
    Old navy & Kohls exclusive Sonic shirts
    An uncommon sight!A shirt variant pair, sold exclusively by 2 different competing stores. While tee color variants (same design, but shirt is a different color) are fairly common, design variants of this similarity aren't so common. The left side shirt is an Old Navy exclusive. The right only is sold…
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Here's a really pretty pin!
This is a crystal Chaos Emerald pin. Atop the metal back is a cut crystal in the shape of a chaos emerald. Each crystal is colored like a different one of the 7 emeralds. So what's the problem?
You likely can't ever collect them all, unlike Sonic. This pin (and it's little framing card you see here) is a part of the "Loot Box Gaming Box" trend where if you subscribe, you get a randomized collection of themed items each month. In January 2018's box, people got a pin, but the color (of course) was randomized and you only got just a single one. They weren't sold anywhere else. Still, it's quite nice! Here, it's displayed at the feet of the First4Figures Tails Collectors Display figure. (So, it's pretty big). 


TODO: Show other colors


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