Sega FES Buttons

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Here is a set of Event Pin Buttons.
These are from Sega FES in 2018. FES is a video games type convention / company event where there are booths to try games, panels, news announcements, new products announcements and more. And, of course, there is also 'event swag' which includes give-aways like pin-buttons often are.
These are from the 2018 year of it, which has Sonic in a running pose. FES seems to use the same 'splat/star' shape & bright colors every year, but changes Sonic's pose each time. The middle button is probably a constant, as that blobby thing may be FES mascot? What's it supposed to be? Sonic dressed as a waiter implies it's a food, but a monocle/hat wearing...what? A crepe? Why is it beige? Why would a tech show choose that blob? Blob or not, this is a nice set of pins to see. 

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  • Region: Asia


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