Motocross Sonic pin Tags: Pin Japan

Here is a nice individual shot of the "Motocross Sonic" metal enamel pin.
This is an uncommon Japanese pin from some point in the mid 1990s. It's uncommon enough that the photo you'll generally find with it in there is of a whole slew of pins on a pinboard where it's hard to see. This factory photo gives it the nice spotlight it needs. It's a modified stock art (as was the usual for themes at this time) of 'looking back' cartoony-style Sonic (tall eyes, tall pupils, narrow upper eye-divider) in a green motocross jacket, no pants, and no visible gloves. He has his bike in 'front' of him, (so the back of this pin' and the hands are meant to be positioned hidden/holding onto it. The bike is red with orange handle bars. This quite-different pose and the added bike makes it a pin of good/unusual composition. Certainly, there's not going to be a similar pin. Nice to see!

Additional Info

  • Region: Asia


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