Skiing Sonic pin Tags: Pin Japan

Here is a metal and enamel pin that shows Sonic skiing.
However, it isn't the usual fare. First of all, he has his ski poles, which suggests it is cross-country ski, instead of the normal sport/flip/trick/downhill or whatever that they usually depict him doing. His shoes have also been changed to big red and somewhat detailed ski boots. The skiis are bright green (perhaps not the best choice with the red boots, but) & the poles are just metal. This pin style has the 'sunken enamel', where the lines for the art are raised, and the enamel is in the shallow areas.
It also has a bit of an error, where the belly dot isn't a 'dot', it kind of just goes up to the face. Old pins like this (especially early ones) could have a single mistake in the art as this one does & still be official. It likely happened when a stock art was changed to form the ski art.

Additional Info

  • Region: Asia


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