• 4 Modern Sonic Top Heavy shirts
    4 Modern Sonic Top Heavy shirts
     A cool blue offering from TopHeavy. This one uses Japanese text and more of their super shiny reflective blue ink. The text just says "Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog" , but it is written vertically. The inset shows the shiny ink, but you should beware of washing the shirt, as this…
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Classic Sonic button badge

Photo credit: Shadouge

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Look at this interesting tiny button badge (pin). It's odd to see such a small item single-carded like this. It's classic style Sonic with a ring, & the logo. The diameter is only 25 mm. The company GB Eye made it, and you can find it in HMV stores in fall 2011. It was actually manufactured in the UK. It is only 99P. This can also be found in a pin badge 4 pack. 

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  • Region: Europe


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