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    Sonic Game Ball
    A Sonic the Hedgehog "Game Ball". It is approximatly the size of a tennis ball, and made of tough rubber. The surface is uneven, so it will bounce in a 'crazy' way when you throw it. It is rather appropriate to have a Sonic ball, but the execution is just…
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Sonic Just Funky Look Box

Photo credit: Just Funky Look Box Pop Comic

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1. Just Funky Look Box Pop Comic
So, it has a pop art / comic book theme going on with all of the items. The square in the upper left is a canvas wall hanging mini painting type thing. It has tiled forward-faces for Sonic, Tails & Knuckles on different bold color square backgrounds. The solo keychain here is fists together Knuckles on acrylic clear plastic. The lanyard key clip/detatchable has a character collage all over, with plain orange backing. It's key chain keycharm is waving Tails. The pin is classic Eggman in a rectangle comic panel with the speech bubble that says "Hate that Hedgehog". It's sticker is "I'm Outta Here" in a wavy bubble.

2. Just Funky Look Box Retro 90s.
So, they've given this one a classic and pixel theme. The canvas has a classic Sonic face, but with offset/tiled pixel spirtes in it. The keychain is clear acrylic with waving classic Tails, but he is quite pixelated/wiggly edges. The lanyard/detatchable has a pixel Amy face charm, row of classic faces with Sonic Knuckles, Tails & Amy and a classic full color logo. The pin has forward-facing Knuckles face in a ring, and both are 16 bit pixel style. The sticker is pixel running Sonic with hot colored text "Fast Since 91"

3. Just Funky Look Box Sticker Bomb.
It has the same name as the style 'sticker bomb' which does apply to several other things around the site. The canvas has the drippy front facing Sonic face that's full of graffiti type stickers/character art. The keychain is looking-back Shadow. The lanyard has a mainly Knuckles theme, but other characters seem collaged in on the front while the back is all red. The detatchable part has the modern logo. The pin for this one is forward facing Tails in a ring. The sticker has peace sign modern Sonic with "Let's Roll" written in a drippy black font.

4. Just Funky Look Box Unstoppable Arcade.
It's supposed to be somehow 'arcade' themed, but...it kind of isn't? The canvas has "Unstoppable Sonic" as the text, with modern Sonic, Tails & Knuckles running/leap forward as art. The Sonic with hand forward may be new/first time on merchandise with this. The keychain is acrylic Amy with her mallet/standing. The pin is the hand/forward Sonic in a ring. The sticker has Sonic's name and a shoe in a triangle with rays. The text around the border is all in Japanese so you can't read it. The lanyard has "Shadow" in a perspective font, with the Sonic logo in a neon one on the detatchable. The charm there is acrylic Shadow.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America


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