• France Sonic McDonalds theme
    France Sonic McDonalds theme
    It has now been confirmed that this set is from McDonald's of France when it did a Sonic & Pucca Happy Meal theme. You can see the kids using the round/spin toy in the ad. What's neat about the ad is it does use a little bit of animation, but…
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Zen Monkey keeps the momentum going in Winter 2021 with more classic style pins. Here, they use neo-classic art to create some fun Sonic & Tails enamel metal pins. The first pin is just a cool action pose of flying Tails. The pin metal captures the pointy details well, & it looks crisp and good like the art.

The second pin is Tails flying while carrying Sonic which seems like a bit of an uncommon but fun art to choose. The tails are less dynamic here, but there is a 'swirl area' to indicate motion. This team up type of pose was probably pretty hard to neo-classically come up with though because the classic characters had rather short limbs and to get them to hold hands beside Sonic's head is not an easy feat to capture with art and have it look normal/arms look normal length. However, it does work, and even the foreshortening on Sonic's leg looks decent in pin format. Both are good to add to a collection. These are likely to be at Amazon (Search Zen Monkey) but may appear elsewhere too. If you find them, they are likely to be about 9.99 each.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America
  • Brand: Zen Monkey


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