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    Sonic Forces Calendar
    Here's something that hasn't been seen in a while: A Calendar.Japan used to be really big on Sonic calendars...and, they are a good idea because who doesn't want an excuse to look at Sonic every day? This is most likely a special promotional calendar that was available at Japan 7-11…
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French Sonic Pins

Photo credit: Scavenger4food

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Here is a French pin. It's all made of metal and does not appear to use any enamel at all. The in-lines are defined by low areas in the metal. Classic finger-waving Sonic stands on top of the Sega logo, and the whole thing has a diecut effect. This is a nice brass-tone pin for your collection.

The Sega Club pin promotes SegaClub in France. They've used enamel in the low spots on this pin, but maybe with only 3 colors, so Sonic's nose, middle, and arms look like they've turned up white along with his eyes and gloves. 

Then there's the Mega Force Sonic pin. What is Mega Force? Whatever it is, it's something French. This rectangle metal pin is here to promote it, with yet another classic finger wavin' Sonic. Curiously, like the one above most of his details are all in white, even his nose which makes it look slightly strange. 

Lastly the Euro Challenge Pin. It was probably available in other areas than just France, but this one happens to be from there. This looks like it has 3 colors of enamel, dark blue, lighter blue and white. The pin is pretty creative though, with Sonic coming in from one side, and the stars that actually flow off of the pin and into a diecut edge. Was the pin a prize? What is the Euro Challenge? The year looks like either 92 or 97, but it's a bit hard to tell. This is a stylish and creative pin, that's not very common. 

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