• Sonic slammers (foil pogs)
    Sonic slammers (foil pogs)
    These cool pogs are actually slammers. The thicker plastic (or can be metal) pogs used to hit the others. You can see the grip on the back, where it says "Wackers Smacker!" The fronts have stock art, but a special holo/foil background (as is common for slammers) They're copyright 1995,…
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Sonic Danone pins Tags: Pin France

Danone is a dairy company in France. They have a sort of USA counterpart in "Dannon" which you will see does like yogurt & icecream. At some point in the 1990s, Danone made these little Sonic pins as a pack in/give-away with some of their products (but what?) There were 6 different ones in total. The reason the eyes look shiny/white here is because instead of using black enamel, they use the silvertone of the pin to fill in for the color. These pins are tiny, that's a regular size staple you see there. The first has Sonic in a heart, the next has an unusual sitting Sonic, 3rd is the winged title screen ring, next row has wind-surfing Sonic, Sonic & a random bush & classic finger waving Sonic. These aren't that common.

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  • Region: Europe


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