• Sonic stress ball
    Sonic stress ball
    This is a "stress ball". It's a squeezy ball made of some type of solid, sort of soft foam. You can squish it & that's supposed to relieve stress. The design is nice & bright, with a big yellow star & all-over graphics. It has neo-classic art for Sonic, Amy,…
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Here are 2 classic style pins from Zen Monkey for 2021. There's getting ready to run Sonic and neoclassic fists-together Knuckles. These pins may be slightly larger than normal size, but still within the standard for metal and hard enamel pins. They use silvertone metal for the line art borders. Both are quite good looking, with every small detail exactly in place, just like the art. Each pin should be 9.99 if you can find it, but where is Zen Monkey selling these?

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America


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