• Scribbly & Scratchy style Sonic shirt
    Scribbly & Scratchy style Sonic shirt
    This shirt has a scribbly & scratchy style to the design. It features modern thumbs-up Sonic, checkers, and a vertical font for his name. The paint/ink for this shirt though, is special. The green ink is more like 'puffy paint' and it has texture. With the close up angle shot…
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Like anything else, Segaworld would want to celebrate it's anniversary of being open--and let everyone know too! So here's a pin or badge which says "Happy Birthday Sega World Sydney". However, take a close look at this pin. It is the return of "Blue Arms Mistake Sonic"! They've even bothered to do some shading on the blue arms, so it wasn't just someone clicking the wrong color into place. Still, this is a nice collectible badge.


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