• SegaSonic the Hedgehog notebook
    SegaSonic the Hedgehog notebook
    Japanese notebooks never fail to impress with their level of detail. This one has "Segasonic the Hedgehog" title at the top, and appears Sonic 1 themed. It has badniks around the top edge including Roller, Buzz Bomber, Crabmeant & Ball Hog, and 2 of the little animals at the bottom.…
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A set of Sega World pins to celebrate the year 2000. See the one with the building in the background? It appears to be the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand.
New Zealand is the set of three islands to the right of Australia. Even though they are islands and another country, somehow their famous tower got onto the Segaworld Australia pin set. New Zealand didn't have it's own SegaWorld building with line of stuff. (There may be something that was produced in New Zealand, but it isn't known) If you look up the tower, the photos really do resemble what's here on this pin. Info by: Memeki


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