• Sonic & Tails winter wear pants for adults
    Sonic & Tails winter wear pants for adults
    Finally, some good winter wear pants for adults.These are adult size gray winter time sweat-pants-like material (it seems a bit thinner) maybe like lounge wear to be cozy in. They have a draw string/elastic waist & the color is all-over mottled gray. There's the fun neo-classic flying Tails carries Sonic…
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Here is a metal and enamel embossed type pin for the movie.
This isn't the usual type of pin, it uses an enamel glaze over the metal, rather than using enamel to fill in areas like tiles. The metal itself is embossed with raised texture for the design, and then the enamel is stamped on. It has movie-Sonic in his usual pose in a gold ring, with the logo at the bottom. The "C" that had the spikes in it is also pierced through, which is a decent effect for something super small like that. He isn't CG, but rather cartoon art, so you can see the movie-minimizations on the distinguishing details. Though, he does keep the long body, big mouth and jaggy outlines to represent the shaggy fur. This is a Sega Shop item, and is 17 dollars.

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  • Region: America


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