• Sonic Panini Stickers
    Sonic Panini Stickers
    This is a Panini Sticker Book. Panini is a fairly famous maker of stickers in Europe. This book called the "Official Sega Sticker Album" is from Germany, and was made in 1994. It mixes both German and english text for some reason (wouldn't this confuse people?) and promises a Mega…
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A Ninja Star? A mutated Pog? No! This is a pin or badge. The sticker is holo-foil type, and the badge itself is plastic. The 3D rendered head is a design exclusive to the UK (somewhat fortunatly, as it was early in the 3D era)

This was a give-away of the Fleetway Sonic the Comic book. They often had little trinkety items attached to the book. Info credit to Smindas.

 Sonic can badge

Here is a "Sonic Channel" button style pin. This features Adventure Style Sonic with a nice background fade. Aquired at a flea market, it was likely a promotional item...but for what?


 Hamleys Sonic button

 Hamleys Sonic button

These are collectable buttons from a store in England called "Hamleys". You could only win them in one of those arcade machines that dispenses prizes. Naturally, this increased the difficulty of getting one! So they're pretty rare.
There were 4 different ones in all. Other photos pending. notice it says "Professor" Robotnik and not "Dr". Why? Credit goes to MCRG for these!



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