• Dutch Sonic Dance Power CDs
    Dutch Sonic Dance Power CDs
    Sonic Dance Power Volume 1This first one arrived around the time of Sonic Triple Trouble for the Game Gear. To help with the game's popularity as you can see with the cover, Knuckles and Knack/Fang the Sniper are all making an appearance in somewhat-unique art, while Sonic snowboards. The top…
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This bag of tiny pin-buttons was given away by GamesMaster Magazine, as a bonus included with their special Sonic 20th Anniversary celebration item. When you bought, you got a booklet, fold-out poster and these nice little pins. They have various Sonic art through the ages, & includes a 20th Anniversary symbol one as well. This is a nice little quality give-away! GamesMaster knows how to help out the fans. Photo & owned by IndigoSonic

Games Master Buttons


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