• 4 Sonic Caps
    4 Sonic Caps
      This cool Sonic cap is available at Spencers Gifts in 2011. It has embroidered classic Sonic on the front, with some screen-tone dots 'rays' for the background. But look under the bill/brim of the cap...there's an extra classic Sonic the Hedgehog logo! This added detail makes this cap stand…
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These packs of pin badges / button pins are available for sale at the Alton Towers Hotel (the one with the Sonic themed room & roller coaster) Each pack contains 4 pins, and can be found in the shop. One set is modern and has CG art from the games (Eggman, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles) the other is classically themed, and uses re-touched stock art & 'new classic' art--all of Sonic, & then one with the logo. The backs of the cards reveal the maker "GB Eye". The copyright info is on the badge-edge so it doesn't disturb the art. These can also be bought at www.play.com , if you can't get to Alton Towers. 


Alton Pin badge Back



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