• Sonic Adventure 2 plushes catalog shot
    Sonic Adventure 2 plushes catalog shot
    Now HERE's a great & really rare proto photo!It's a catalog shot of the Sonic Adventure 2 big plushes from 2001. However, right away you can notice differences from the final dolls. The Hero chao isn't like the released one, Shadow has a strange-ish small mouth, Sonic's shoes may be…
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Here is a Tails-face shaped pin from 1992. It's all metal & enamel, and was likely to be some sort of Sonic 2 promotional item. The 'border' is likely not black, it's probably silvertone metal of the pin, just caught in a reflection. He's pretty on-model, with a cute expression, however that little curl at the back of his head has been moved to one side here. Where was this pin available, or was it some sort of pre-order bonus? 


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