• Unknown Notched Sonic pogs
    Unknown Notched Sonic pogs
    A bunch of random Pogs. These bear a striking resemblance to ones released in the USA. However, they are notched for some reason. Were you supposed to construct things with them? Also note that Tails is missing from this collection. They are by "Frog ***". No idea on the country.…
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This cool pin came from Segworld London. It has the logo above the 'speed trail' that Sonic is leaving behind. It's all metal with no enamel at all, and all the details are cut-ins to the silver-tone metal. Really, the pin captures a lot of detail right down to the puffy dust and Sonic's fingers. Since it's metal, it is sturdy enough to have such a thin trail be cut out, as well. This is a cool vintage pin to collect...if you can find it. 

Here is a selection 3 different pins you could get at Segaworld London. (Some already appear here) There's 2 versions of the Sonic running past the logo with the 'dust trail' behind him. The top is plastic, while the bottom is textured metal. The middle pin is thicker acrylic over a "SonicTeam" type logo with Segaworld under that. 

Segaworld London pinsAll pins photo & owned by Ultimate Freiza


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