This is not a fake scene or mini-diorama. These plushes are ACTUALLY that size, and they're shown in a real human house. These have to be the largest Sonic and Knuckles plushes ever made! Aren't they great?
Yeah, they'd take up your whole house if you owned them, but who doesn't want a Sonic as big as you are? The construction seems good too, although Knuckles looks slightly...crazed? Still, these would be awesome to own.

So you say you've got space? Want to own these guys? Well you can! They are available on Ebay fairly frequently. www.toywiz.com USED to sell them, but they apparently stopped. If we get any new leads for PERMENENT retailers, the link will appear here. They are (naturally) somewhat expensive due to their size, but it's definately worth a look.

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  • Region: USA


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