This is the real deal: Immense Amy!
Look how big THIS plush is! It's totally huge and fun! This is laying on a REAL hotel bed, that is normal sized, with no fakes. Toy Network has made this Amy, and she is available at Gameworks (an arcade/eatery/bar) in the USA. If you have a Gameworks near you, you can get Shadow, Sonic, Tails, Amy or Knuckles in this super big size! (photos of everyone else pending) These are the largest character plushes yet discovered!

Fun measurements and photos provided by: Link
1.51 meters high which is 4 feet 11 inches! She weighs 15 kg or 33.06 lbs!
Her hand length (from end gold ring to front): 22cm, 8-9in
Her hand width (from thumb to other side): 26cm, 10-11in
Shoe length: 40cm/1ft 3-4 in
Shoe width: 24cm/9-10 in

Additional Info

  • Region: USA


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