With Sonic X, "Talking Dolls" return!
As you remember, the first talking plush was a Sonic who just yelled "Sega!" when squeezed. This guy does better! He'll say "Ah yeah, this is happening" (Sonic Adventure 1) and also "Ready to go kid? Lets rock and Roll". (Sonic X) He's about 12 inches/30 cm. high. Looking at the structure, this one seems a bit more accurate than other plushes of the time, though it has small ears and giant shoe-buckles. The fingers are indicated by light gray on the white cloth, so they're difficult to see in this photo. The head/spikes are pretty well done with a slightly 'tougher' look. Photo credit to Flare.
Note: It may say "As long as there is somewhere to run... I'll be happy!" and "I'm giving you one last chance Eggman!" It may say different things in different regions of release.

Additional Info

  • Region: USA


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