Now Talkin' Sonic gets a Talkin' Tails!
How great that now Tails plushes can talk too. This one isn't quite as spot on as the Sonic above, but it still has some nice detail. Notice the individually shaped fur edges to the chest, face and his bangs. He has stitched in fingers, and the split in his tails. However, the body is a bit small and the head looks kind of startled. When squeezed, he says "Ha ha ha it's been a blast!" and "I'm not giving up yet!". This is likely to be similarly sized to the Sonic above. 

There is also a talking Knuckles!

The Talking Knuckles to this set was available in the UK. Was he ever available in the USA? Send proof if you've got it! 

Additional Info

  • Region: USA


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