• 20th anniversary Eggman set
    20th anniversary Eggman set
    Modern Eggman hails from 2008, and comes with not one but TWO accessory figures: Egg Fighters. These things hardly appeared alone in the games, so why should they in the collection? His box maintains the style, even though it's much wider for 3 figures. The screen shot background looks to…
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Sega Toys Tails Plush

Photo credit: Memeki.

Tags: Tails Plush 00s United States

This Tails is from the same set as the above Knuckles plush. He has a few details (not mistakes) that make him unique. First off, the 'points' at the edge of his chest are not 3D or felt, like most others. They're represented by wavy-ness in the cut of the cloth. He has felt bangs, and a nice triangle plastic nose. Again, at the sides of his head they bothered to do actual stuffed-texture rather than use felt which gives his head more of a 3D quality. They did neglect his bands on the cuffs of his gloves, but it's not a really awful error. Compared to most USA Tails plushes, this one is really quite nice. It's fairly cute and well proportioned, even on the face.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2003
  • Region: America
  • Brand: Sega Toys
  • Price list: $19.95 - CmdStore $12.95 - In a sale


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