• Early 90s Christmas Themed plushes
    Early 90s Christmas Themed plushes
    At last, in 2013 there appears good photos for these early 1990s really rare Christmas themed plushes.  This is believed to be a win-able UFO catcher set, released soon after Sonic 2 in Japan. Eggman is a Santa variant, with green hat, green bow-tie & white bag. (Bag has word…
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Big 90s Sonic Plush

Photo credit: BiancaNishitani

Tags: 90s Giant Plush 23 inch

This is another great, big plush! But this one's from the 1990s. See the battery by his foot? That's just how big this quality plush is (about 23 inches) As you can see with the texture here, quality fuzzy fabric was used. He's also heavy thanks to good quality fill. He's pretty proportional for a doll of this era, with a pleasent enough expression. He's missing the tags, but was made in China (like most plush of the era) A classic doll of this size really stands out in a plush collection!

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  • Region: America


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