• Super Silver concept
    Super Silver concept
    This is clearly a Super Silver concept to...something.Don't bother trying to read that tiny print, it's all in Japanese anyway. It was supposedly created to illustrate to Jazwares the difference between Super & regular Silver. (hopefully they bothered to provide a translation when they sent it over...) The text mentions…
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Gigantic chin Sonic Plush

Photo credit: Pichu97/Charlie

Tags: China Plush

Hmmmm...something's amiss here...
And it's a gigantic...CHIN? This classic era plush Sonic doll has something that's gone wrong...but for the first time it seems to be that it's his lower face? (Usually plush will make mistakes elsewhere) The construction for the rest of the plush is pretty decent, with good hands for the time, appropriately big/long feet, and nice construction for the spikes. He suffers a bit from 'big body', but it's not terrible. They do include the buckles for the shoes. The upper-head/nose and eyes are all pretty well constructed (especially for the times).
So what happened? Why is the chin enormous?
There was probably a mis-labeled number somewhere on his pattern, like a 68 was put as an 86 or some other error that caused the lower face size to nearly double what it should be. (especially visible on the side view) It doesn't make him terrible looking, but it also doesn't really look like Sonic, but a similar character instead. The tag seems to be similar to an early / same-era Japanse paper tag. 

Additional Info

  • Region: Asia


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