• Toy Network 3 feet Amy Rose plush
    Toy Network 3 feet Amy Rose plush
    Get a good look at Big Amy Rose!She's 3 feet tall...and...she generally improves upon Toy Network's usual fare here. It seems like the larger their dolls get the better they get. The ears stand up nicely, the dress fits and looks good, her bangs are nicely done, as are her…
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Sonic pogs! These are from Cookie Crisp cereal. They were a free promotion that came in the box. It looks like you punch them out of the cards shown...but the photo quality is not so good that you can see what's written on them. Each pog has the characters' name on it. These pogs were made for both AoStH & SatAm Sonic. Facts added by MrFanOfSonic on Youtube
What are the bust things in the background? They are actually Finger-Puppets for use in the bath. Avon Makeup Products had a Sonic deal in one of their catalogs/sales. They are slightly reminiscent of the Japanese banks, but they have no bases. 

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  • Region: America


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