• Classic Sonic shirt from Topman
    Classic Sonic shirt from Topman
    This shirt is from the Topman store, which is in Ireland. As you can see here it has the Topman tag in the shirt and also on the paper tag. The shirt itself is another 'retro styled' one complete with the 'distressing' or fake-wear to the design. It's a curious…
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NGamer gift-poster

Photo credit: Mariobro27

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This was a gift-poster found in NGamer magazine, a European Nintendo magazine. It honors Sonic & Mario at the olympic games with this busy poster. Most of the characters are shown competing or messing around. Big & a piranha plant are weight lifting, Knuckles is throwing a giant ChainChomp for the hammer throw, Peach & Amy are racing, Shadow is either karate or wrestling vs Bowser, Eggman is boxing vs Donkey Kong, Sonic & Mario are doing hurdles, Waluigi is pole-vaulting, & the Chaos are busy trying on shy-guy masks and mushroom-caps. You can see Jet the Hawk & some badniks (ball-hog etc) are near the stands. Though it has a bit of a 'wheres waldo' feel, there's plenty going on! 

Additional Info

  • Region: Europe


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