• Mystery Sonic Costume
    Mystery Sonic Costume
    Here is a mysterious (yet not very good) mascot suit. It is obviously amongst other mascots (note decapitated animal mascot head pile in the background) The head is trying, but it is huge and the wiggly mouth just rather ruins it. It is possible it could be a fan suit...but…
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It's not a "Movie Poster"
But, it is movie-Sonic on a poster. In this case, it's once again 'baby version' CG Sonic from the movie holding up his GHZ style sunflower. Written beside him in Japanese is Baby Sonic. The background has faded/gray with rectangles design & the logo is at the top. This is a Sega Shop item in 2020, and it's pretty big/regular poster sized so you have to be really sure you want this sappy portrait of him really large on the wall before you buy it.

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  • Region: International


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