A bunch of prizes!
This table of items was likely a 'winnable item', at a convention or for a Sega contest of some kind. You can spot Unleashed, a Sega classics collection, some Japan Christmas cards with Sonic, at least 1 Archie comic, a Zero Gravity riders tee, a Sonic Mario Olympic Games poster, probably the game, a mug, a Secret Rings item, a Sega notepad (square, white) a keychain, a Secret Rings tee, a pencil case, possibly something signed & the 'skull' n crossbones tee. What's revealing is the"Summer of Sonic" blue tee with yellow logo back there, that makes people suspect this might have been part of a give-away there. Do write in if you know what this bunch of prizes was for. 

Additional Info

  • Region: EU


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