• Sonic Mini Reactor Game Chair
    Sonic Mini Reactor Game Chair
    This is the "Mini Reactor Game Chair." You can see an ad for this in the back of the manual for Sonic Unleashed. This is by "Ultimate Game Chair" and "it is their first chair designed for the 3-to-9 year old crowd. It has four high-impact vibrating motors and 3D-stereo…
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G Fuel is teaming up with Sonic in 2020!
Gfuel is an energy drink & mix company that markets its products toward video game players. They make powders to mix into water, and canned beverages. Both items have vitamins/energy elements to...probably help you stay up later playing games or give an effect like coffee if you hate coffee's flavor. They select fruity flavors for their Fuel drinks.
The flavor they chose for Sonic is "Peach Rings" (also the name of a gummy candy) & so have produced both powder & cans of this flavor to celebrate Sonic and do a prize draw give-away which is what's seen here.
The various things you can win include the GE plushes, the PVC display figures, of course cans of the drink, IDW comics, a Pixel Frame, the Sonic shot glass, Sonic video games of course, the Just Funky bank, Genesis style controllers in Sonic type & classic colors and...A Sonic theme Mini Fridge!

That's right, it's the first Sonic Appliance! A real cooling fridge with 3 rows of shelves for your cans. It has a glass front door & is probably 'wrapped' in Sonic CG graphics on the sides and top. What fun! It's too bad there's only one such fridge, made as the prize for the contest because probably lots of people would want them for their game rooms or Sonic room. It's a fun, colorful design. 

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  • Region: America


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