ToyIsland webcam Sonic prototype

Photo credit: The GagaMann

Tags: ToyIsland Prototype

While the above figure is everything a good prototype should be, this one is the opposite! It's supposed to be "classic" but they've used an SA Style Sonic. Look familiar? Well it should...It's nothing more than a "Giant Talking Figures" ToyIsland Sonic which they have somehow bored a hole into to insert a webcam. This particular Giant Talking Figure was the worst of their set, looking just like their Figures & Keychains action figure, but bigger. It isn't very on model, the eyes are terrible, and the quality of this figure just wasn't very good. It is somewhat monkey-like and just doesn't look that cool. They really need to choose something else to make a web cam out of, especially if they're to release it claiming it belongs in a classic line. Photo discovered by: 


Additional Info

  • Region: USA
  • Brand: Toy Island


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