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Sonic 1:32 RC Racer Concepts

Photo credit: The GagaMann

Tags: Prototype Impact

Impact Innovations (who did the art and photos) is looking to produce these RC Racers. There have been previous RC Sonic items, such as the car and racing heads, but totally figural racers are new.

However, if you look at just the concept art, they look cool. Obviously based on the classic Running Sonic stock art, with an all-new Tails on a surf board. The "dust clouds" help serve as the wheels, and a combination of their heads is the design for the remote. In the concept drawing, the characters are quite on model. These things look cool!
But watch out for the real models. They couldn't even be BOTHERED to trace the concept for the remote so now Sonic has a huge chin, smooshed face, and no ears while Tails gets similar giant chin treatment and misplaced eyes. The racers themselves fare no better, with ball-like head fat Sonic who has off-model eyes (where are his arms?) And Tails who is surfing on nothing (it just looks dumb) because his leg is literally sideways, as well as his body. Tails' face really fails on the eyes too, with the front of it being smooshed flat and having tiny, unappealing round eyes.
These RC Racers would really benifit going back to the drawing board...literally! 


Additional Info

  • Region: USA
  • Brand: Impact Innovations


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