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Plug in USB Flash drive prototypes

Photo credit: The GagaMann

Tags: Prototype Impact

Flash memory will get much more creative when they release these figures! Each one is a plug in flash memory unit for the USB slot of your computer. The two prototypes are shown here, again by Impact Innovations. They've even done mock-up boxes (below) in 2 styles.

These USB gadgets are really creative. If their prototypes stay spot-on, they'll be great pieces to own, as well. Both will stand easily, and it looks like the cord/plug will pull away from the figure some, allowing you to plug it in and place the figure near by for fun (and not just dangling wierdly)
If these look familiar again, they should! The First4Figures collectible display figures are posed quite similarly, if not exactly the same. If the quality here remains the same, these should be a hot item for you to keep an eye on!

Additional Info

  • Region: USA
  • Brand: Impact Innovations!


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