Super Posers prototypes

Photo credit: larryinc64

Tags: United States Prototype Toy Island

By far the most interesting of the action figure prototypes are Tails and Knuckles, seen here as Super Posers. These guys were PLANNED but never made it to release. This is the best photo that has surfaced for these figures. In it, you can see that Knuckles & Tails actually looked quite nice. Tails could move 2 fingers, and Knuckles could move his fists. Like Sonic, each of their shoes would move, and Tails' ears could also flip foreward.

Also interesting to note is that the "Popeye" syndrome (fat/thick forearms near the wrist, and fat ankles) is also apparently absent for even Sonic & Shadow! This proves there was no real reason to include that innacuracy in the final product. Also notice Shadow's more nomral looking eyes in this photo. It's really too bad these never came out...

Additional Info

  • Region: Unknown
  • Brand: Toy Island


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