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Here's Jazwares' figure showing at ToyFair, as captured by ActionFigure toy news. As you can see, he's likely the "Super Posers Sonic" but fixed up by Jazwares. His improvements seem to be in the head sculpt and eye painting (no crazy eyes etc) The spikes are still articulated, but the shoes and waist do not seem to be. The joints look like they were reinforced, however it seems to have led to them beaing "Bead-ey" looking. The gauntlet is VERY well done, and looks about like it does in the game. The sword, Caliburn also looks like quite a good replica. This figure is shaping up to be pretty cool. When the figure is released, this photo will move the the appropriate page.

The smaller figures seen above & right are likely prototypes for the 3 inch line. They will have more posability than what's seen here, so these will likely remain on this page forever as true proto-figures. 

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