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These are Sonic Qees by Toy2R.
A Qee is a little figure which may be usable as a key chain. (hence the qee word) These mini figures will likely come BlindBoxed which means like the Gashapon figures you can't tell whats' inside until you buy it and open it. This is further complicated by the mix-in of the bear-headed things seen at the top. These are supposed to be "extra collectible" and feature a bears' head with the Sonic logo stamped on the face instead of features. These are set to appear in third quarter 2009, but the problem with them is the suggested retail of 8 to 9.99. You'd have to spend $70.00+ to get only the ones shown here. Yes they are designer vinyl, but paying 10 for the chance of getting a stamped-face-bear keychain is a little bit of a risky proposition for most fans.

Will these make it to market, unlike the mini figures above? Another interesting note is on the far right top row. You can easily see this is Chip (Unleashed) but with a bear face. This being "Series 1" they likely plan to make him with his own head later on. (But really, $10 dollar keychains?)

Additional Info

  • Region: Unknown
  • Brand: Toy2R


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